PT Langit Cerah



Cineprime Pictures (was: Langit Cerah Production) was initiated by four co-founders in a cozy rented living room or as we call it, office. In 2010, CineprimePictures under a new solid management provides a comprehensive range of shooting services including: TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Field Report, Video Presentation, Video Launching, Video Trainings, Music Video/clips and Film. Our success is built on Cineprime Pictures’ deep commitment to our people, creativity and client services. Work with care We cares how it works

Jerome Chandra Mudha

A professional DJ with many awards; may be the best partner you  could ask for. His attentive work makes everything easier. Focus and tactical is the best way to describe him.


A fun, cheerful person and also caring, strictly tight with schedule, loves wonton noodles but somehow stays in shape, a secret we all never know..


Offline Editor
Big gamer yet also a hard and detailed worker, has great interest of Japanese pop culture, editing with style, collects lego and listens indie hard core.

Rakryan Swetajalu

offline/online Editor
A good listener and the fun part is that he does not get angry :D. Spends most of his free time watching Youtube, specialized in corporate videos and reliable at his work.

Artopo P. Setiawan

Online Editor
Instagram mania, active in many social media network, therefore spends most of his work mobile. Knows 2D online/offline like the back of his hand and finish them in no time.

Bangun Taga

Visual Animator/Online Editor
Founder of Mutumata Productions, Video Productions and Creative Boutique. Loves his small family.

Leo Candra

Staff Editing
Originaly from Kebumen who wants to be a band player yet end up as a staff editing, a highly dedicated helper. His main task is to maintain files, documenting video shootings.


Loves everything arty, focus, know exactly what he wants, that includes leaving his hobby on guitar to pursue his passion in camera. His subject of interest: motorcycle.